Meet Your HJ Photo Representatives

Ulysses Lopez

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Phone: (305) 436-1163 ext # 2903

Stephanie Larmoyeux

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Quality of Images

In order for yearbooks to win coveted prizes, both the Senior & Underclass Sections must have excellent quality photos with backgrounds, lighting and poses being consistent. HJMiami Photo not only meets but exceeds the industry standards set by academia and publishers. Our sports and event coverage is second to none in the industry. Sample photos in all categories of yearbook photography (sports, events, seniors, superlatives, teams, clubs and more) are attached at the end of this document.

Yearbook Images

Images of all students and staff will be provided for the yearbook in a Publisher File. Publisher Files are formatted for PSPA industry standards for publication.
Images for Herff Jones Yearbooks will be automatically loaded into the yearbook for the participating school.

Candid Photo & Online Coverage

HJMiami Photo will not only cover events with experienced photographers but also provide training sessions for your yearbook student photographers. You will receive email verifications of the event coverage when scheduled, along with a reminder email the day prior to the event, verifying again our overage and checking for updates on times and cancellations. You won’t worry with HJMiami Photo, We’ll be there!

HJMiami Photo uploads the photos directly into your yearbook program! No more downloading from a web site and re-uploading to your YB program. No more waiting on CDs in the mail! We will upload your candid photographs within 24 hours of the event.

Administrative Files

HJMiami Photo will supply the school with a low resolution Administrative file for gradebook programs, media center/ID Programs and cafeteria programs. These files conform to industry standards for downloading images and viewing on apps!

For Use In:

  • Libraries
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Attendance
  • Grade Book

Marketing for the Yearbook Staff

Win, Win for everyone! Since the underclass photos are a fund raiser for the yearbook, it behooves us and the staff to sell as much as possible. Traditionally, the hardest group to sell, HJMiami Photo will assist with marketing displays and presentations to the underclass to buy the pictures and sell yearbooks. We also offer fund-raisers for special pictures days such as personality pictures, Valentines and other holiday fun filled events.

  • Posters
  • Announcements
  • Memos
  • Letters Mailed Home

Photo Training

HJMiami Photo’s experienced personnel offer workshops on camera usage, photography tips and even leadership! We bring the cameras, the presenters, the handouts and the positive attitudes with us! From basic photo workshops, to more advanced classes; HJMiami Photo has a program that will fit your needs. Don’t choose from a set program, let us build the class your staff needs!
We offer camera loaners to both the staff and advisor. We will provide professional training to the yearbook staff on use of camera equipment and yearbook photography composition.
Sponsor’s Camera: As a first year incentive, we will provide the sponsor with a new Canon camera for yearbook use.

A Day at HJMiami

We are inviting advisors and up to 3 yearbook staff members to
join us for a “Lunch and Learn”. Take advantage of this great program! By participating you will be given a better idea on what
students and parents experience at our studios along with an
educational lesson on how our company runs for your staff. The
day will include a tour of the studios, a meet and greet with our staff, photography classes, hands on studio training and much
more! Lunch will be provided and schools will have to provide their own transportation.

Smart Phone Imaging Software

School Image Software Web Edition was designed to give the
School Administrator, Teacher, Security Officer or authorized volunteer the ability to Search for and view Students from their Mobile Phone.

The user can view all of the Student’s details such as Name,
Grade, Teacher, Schedule, Discipline, Emergency Contact
Information and more. The Student’s photo will be displayed along with the information. All this power at your fingertips where ever you need it. In the school halls, the parking lot or even at dances.
Within seconds you will be up and running!

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